AgCall's Barrie Manikel Talks Land Stewardship in Manitoba Co-operator

Calgary, Alberta Canada - February 3, 2022

AgCall Business Development Consultant Barrie Manikel was recently featured in the Manitoba Co-operator in the article 'The Elephant in the Field' regarding the importance of land stewardship and the results of AgCall's research on the relationships between different groups of farm landowners and renters.

"Land stewardship is the elephant in the field,” he said. “Everybody knows about it but nobody talks about it."

Read the full article on the Manitoba Co-operator site:

New Partnership to Develop Farm-to-Fork Ecosystem for Lupin in Canada

Calgary, Alberta Canada - January 20, 2022

Calgary, Alta. – Protein Industries Canada announced a project to establish lupin as a staple crop in the Canadian agri-food sector.

Lupin Platform Inc., Hensall Co-op, Lumi Foods and PURIS have come together to establish an integrated ecosystem to increase the production of, and processing of lupin in Canada. The $7.3 million project will develop a lupin supply and value chain, from crop production through to the development of and manufacturing of functional ingredients and products.

Lupin Platform Inc., in partnership with AgCall Inc., will take on agronomic research and testing for this novel crop.

"It’s a new crop for Canada and it has a lot of potential. It’s been grown around the world for many, many decades but it has never been brought into Canada.", said AgCall CEO Gordon Butcher, "Farmers have seen the benefits of soybean, fababean, lentil, and other pulses here in Canada and they have been very beneficial for the farmer through to the customer."

Lupin is widely acknowledged as the pulse with the highest seed protein content, and a unique starch and oil composition. Lupin is an emerging crop for Canada with significant growth potential presenting a great opportunity for Canada to meet the growing demand for high quality plant-based protein ingredients.

Tristan Choi, CEO of Lupin Platform said, "AgCall has assembled an excellent team of field associates, an expert researcher, commercial consultant and have established a closed loop system to ensure the success, of this exciting new crop, with the western Canadian farmer."