Who We Are

We are experts in word-of-mouth marketing and peer-influencing, building customized sales, marketing, servicing and educational solutions, and providing strategic outsourcing and project management/implementation solutions to the food and agriculture industries. Our company was founded in 1988, recognizing the need for knowledgeable, experienced people who could be contracted and managed to help clients achieve their business goals. We do this with implementation teams located across North America using three, key principles:


We were the first company in the food and agriculture industry to mobilize teams of Associates to represent companies like yours

  • We developed the concept of supporting clients with a team of Associates that cannot be replicated by fulltime employees, providing a depth of experience on a temporary, project or permanent basis.
  • We manage and implement the entire program for you, employing farmers and ranchers who are selected and trained according to the specific needs of the program.


We have a unique approach to mobilizing Field Advocates or Associates at the grassroots level, where credibility is key

  • We only recruit farmers, ranchers or other ag professionals with extensive industry experience in your key geographies, so you can be sure that they are delivering relevant, personalized, timely marketing messages to your customers.
  • Throughout hundreds of projects, clients repeatedly report that their customers appreciate getting information that is important to them from people who understand the issues.


We work across the U.S. and Canada, and our Associates are farmers, ranchers and industry professionals themselves

  • Associates are peers to the customers and have a level of trust and local influence that cannot always be duplicated by employees
  • Clients know and understand that advocacy and peer influence strategies accelerate the decision-making process.

The Net Result:

A personalized customer experience that leads to increased sales, customer retention and customer satisfaction.