Influence in the agricultural marketplace has shifted and continues to shift throughout the seasons. Growers are not only influenced at the time of purchase from a retailer but all throughout the year in many different ways. What is the best method by which to market to growers, and what is the desired reach? AgCall TeleSpecialist programs are all designed to broaden the reach, promote the brand message and directly influence growers.


  • The need to improve education and awareness, and drive demand at a grower level.
  • Utilize client CRM databases to target and influence grower segments.
  • Strengthen the brand relationship with the grower.
  • Lead generation for the distribution network to follow up on.


The primary objectives of AgCall TeleSpecialists programs are to influence customers and increase awareness and understanding of branded products while reaching a more broad range of customer base. The objective of the brand message can vary based on education and awareness, product and price promotion, lead generation, data capture, and/or market intelligence. The strategic recommendation from AgCall includes:

  • Segmentation of the database to target specific customers and craft a brand message that meets the objective of the program.
  • Development of a script and an online platform for data capture.
  • Recruitment and training of a team of TeleSpecialists on the product and objectives of the program. Note that AgCall does not use a call center. Our TeleSpecialists are all local individuals, working from their homes, using an AgCall online platform. They know, understand, and talk agriculture.
  • A dedicated AgCall project manager to ensure the target objectives are being met, to train, coach and assist the TeleSpecialists through their calls, and manage the details for the client from start to finish.
  • Lead lists, summary reports, and market intelligence information to be provided throughout the project.
  • Follow up with growers on the lead list via an email or text reminder at a strategic timeframe.
  • Performance auditing of Associates via trained Secret Producers, who are seeded into the call list.


  • Provide a team of Associates with excellent communication and computer skills and the ability to relate to target audience members.
  • Utilize the client’s CRM database to target a cross-section of customers that have the potential to do a significant amount of business, but are not big enough to warrant a close relationship with the sales rep.


In 2014–2015, AgCall executed six TeleSpecialist projects for this client. The impact of these projects included:

  • Resolving 13,600 database records.
  • 7,900 grower conversations.
  • 8,100 brand messages delivered through the conversations.
  • 7,250 leads delivered for distributor (retailer) follow-up.
  • 9,100 database records updated or validated.
  • 3,100 reminder emails and text messages delivered.
  • An estimated value of $50.4M for leads generated (predicted lead value @ 20% follow-through = $10.1M).

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