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Title Location Description Status
Field Trial Specialist Southwest Saskatchewan Region Contract position managing one (1) lentil field trial in the southwest Saskatchewan region. Field Trial Specialists receive complete training as part of a team and work with a support network throughout the season. More Info
Licensed Seed Crop Inspector Canada Contract position inspecting pedigreed seed crops based on the Canadian Seed Growers Association’s (CSGA) varietal purity standards. Inspectors receive training through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and are responsible to remain up to date and compliant with all procedures. Inspectors are supported by a Lead and team of inspectors and are responsible to complete a number of field inspections within a designated area. Knowledge of agriculture and farm practices, physical fitness, timeliness and the ability to work independently are key qualities for this position. More Info
AgCall TeleSpecialist United States and Canada, Nationwide AgCall is looking for people interested in working on phone-based projects throughout the year that are short term, work-from-home and provide competitive pay and a flexible schedule. More Info

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AgCall Associates are experienced ag professionals that range from young, highly-educated professionals to seasoned veterans—farmers, ranchers, sales representatives, consultants, veterinarians, company executives, farm wives, retirees, and more. Contact Contact Us today to find out how you can become an AgCall Associate.

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We have long-term and short-term projects going on throughout the year that can accommodate any schedule and give you the flexibility to keep up with your family, farm, or business, or just enjoy retirement.


Whether you're comfortable conducting surveys on the phone or handling a performance inquiry in the field, we manage a variety of projects to suit any skill set, and no two projects are exactly alike.

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Our Associates are critical to our success. We believe in compensating them well for their time and talent, and rewarding top-notch performance with competitive pay and bonuses.